Writing for Wellness & Mindfulness Training

Susan J. Nassuna


" I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become."

                                                                                                  Carl Jung

Upcoming Workshops - 2019

Writing For Wellness Workshop - Amsterdam

Discover the power of Mindfulness & Writing once a month on a Thursday, 20:00-21:30 at The Conscious Club in Amsterdam

Dates: Once a month on a Thursday - Upcoming Dates: SEP 19, OCT 24, NOV 28, DEC 19

Location: The Conscious Club, Lauriegracht 142, 1016 RT, Amsterdam

Reservations at: theconsciousclub

A great deal of anxiety comes from the rush and hurry of a turbulent mind, which jumps recklessly to unwarranted conclusions, rushes to judgements, and often is going too fast to see events and people as they truly are. 

Such a mind keeps the body under continual stress, and can lead to a multitude of physical, emotional, and mental conditions.

This transformative workshop, offers you a wonderful opportunity in a safe and supportive space, to slow down your mind―the first purpose of meditation―through a highly effective and scientifically proven writing technique, known as Expressive writing.

To help you move on from whatever is keeping you awake at night, by expressing and letting go of the draining thoughts and feelings, you might be harbouring about challenging and upsetting experiences you’ve had.

You will leave the workshop feeling relaxed, revitalized, and open to respond to life’s difficulties not as a source of stress, but as natural challenges that will pass, as all things do.

No prior writing or mindfulness experience is required to benefit from the workshop, and participants are free to write in the language of their own choice.

All workshop materials will be provided, all you need to bring along is an open mind and a willingness to dive deeply within.

* Please note, the writing exercises can trigger deeply buried emotions and memories, so if you’re currently afflicted by, or are being treated for a mental condition, first consult with your medical practitioner to determine whether the workshop is suitable for you before signing up.

Transform Your Life: Writing to Heal Workshop - Online

A Creative Path To Wellness
Dates: Nov 5 - Dec 10 (6 Consecutive Tuesdays)

18:00 - 20:00 ( Central European Time)
Online using Zoom, a user friendly video meeting platform

This life-transformative 6-week workshop is especially designed for those dealing with unresolved issues from the past such as, memories and feelings of betrayal, shame, guilt, anger, and loss.

In a safe, supportive environment, I will guide you through a progression of restorative writing techniques based on research in writing and wellness, to help you heal old wounds that are limiting your ability to experience happiness and fulfilment in your life.


What is the story you tell about yourself that is keeping you stuck in the past?

Let me help you step into your true power and let go of what no longer serves you. Stop letting what happened in the past continue to suck the energy out of your life. Learn effective writing and mindfulness techniques to help you change the script of your life story, so you become the survivor and hero rather than the victim of your experiences. 

No writing experience is necessary to join this workshop.

Workshop is limited to 10 participants, so please contact me as early as possible to reserve your place using the form below.

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