Writing for Wellness & Mindfulness Training

Susan J. Nassuna

What some of the people I've worked with say...

The  Writing for Wellness workshop truly transformed my life. Not only was I looking for something to help heal the trauma from a health scare, but I was also yearning for something to help me unleash my inner writer. This workshop introduced me not only to incredible tools for healing through writing, it has also helped me find the confidence to share my work with others. This workshop has lit a spark in me that I truly believe will help me achieve my dreams of writing something meaningful, to share my story with the world. Thank you Susan for the incredible guidance!

Darya Danesh

Hi Susan,

Joining the Writing for Wellness workshop was so beneficial for me. I was especially pleased with the confidentiality of the group which helped me to open up and get the full benefit of the workshop. You were very professional and organized and you certainly knew your stuff. Your feedback on my writing was very encouraging, especially as I am embarking on a new journey in my life. I feel I now have the confidence to stand in front of a group and speak confidently, something I couldn't do previously. Thank you!

Montrose Townsend - Nutrition & Weight Management Adviser

Hi Susan...

We have accomplished a lot together. I have seldom met such sweet, open and empathetic people, like I did in the writing for wellness workshop. Everything is still sinking in...

Mattheus Hemelrijk

Thank you Susan for reminding me how powerful I am. I feel a great sense of calmness and closure after attending your writing to heal workshop

Thank you for being a committed and passionate guide, and for creating a warm and healing space in which I've been able to reconnect to my self.

Mies K.

I cannot recommend the one to one coaching with Susan more highly! It is no exaggeration to say that my life has changed greatly since we started working together. My self-esteem and confidence levels have shot up and I've also discovered my inner poet (Who knew!)

L. M.