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Private Writing For Wellness 6-Week Virtual Program

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

A great deal of anxiety comes from the rush and hurry of a turbulent mind, which jumps recklessly to unwarranted conclusions, rushes to judgments, and often goes too fast to see events and people as they are.

Such a mind keeps the body under continual stress and can lead to various physical, emotional, and mental conditions.

The private online Writing for Wellness transformative program offers an excellent opportunity to slow down your mind through a deep, heart-opening meditation in a safe, supportive space before moving on to the practice of the highly effective and research-proven therapeutic writing techniques of; Expressive writing, Poetic writing, Transactional writing, Affirmative writing, Storytelling, and Legacy writing.

To help you move on from whatever is keeping you awake at night by expressing and letting go of the draining thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and old imposed narratives you might be harboring about challenging and upsetting experiences you've had.

Emotional writing―or what is often described in research studies as Expressive writing―can help, among many other benefits: Enhance immune function, lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, reduce depressive symptoms and feelings of pain, lower stress and anxiety levels, improve sleep, and boost self-esteem and confidence.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings on paper about challenging and upsetting events allows you to construct meaningful personal narratives about what happened. It helps you move forward by expressing and letting go of the emotional pain and repressed negative energetic imprints and attachments weighing you down.

Good to Know:

PROGRAM COSTS: Six sessions of 60 Mins: €575

The sessions are held weekly via Zoom.

Times stated are (CET)

» No prior writing experience is necessary to benefit from the Program.

» You're free to write in the language of your choice.

» You will receive your weekly writing exercises via email.


The Writing for Wellness program is not a substitute for medical advice, evaluation, or treatment.

Suppose you have severe mental health issues or have recently experienced trauma. The profoundly emotional sessions may not suit you as they may trigger unwanted side effects. In this case, please consult with a qualified medical professional to seek advice on whether you should sign-up for this class.

By signing up for this class, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree with the above statement.

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