Writing For Wellness & Mindfulness Training

Susan J. Nassuna

One-On-One Coaching

"Our own wounds can be vehicles for exploring our essential nature, revealing the deepest textures of our heart and soul, if only we will sit with them, open ourselves to the pain... Without holding back, without blame."

                                                                                                                                                      Wayne Muller, Legacy of the Heart

Writing for Wellness training in the Amsterdam area & online

Anyone can change their life if they change the stories they tell about themselves and the world around them.

And I'm here to help you learn how to let go of the stories that no longer serve you, so you can start healing your heart, healing your past, and overcome the blocks that might be limiting your ability to experience happiness and fulfillment in your life. 

Meditation & Mindfulness Training For All Levels

Are you new to meditation or would you like to deepen your practice?

My Private guided meditation sessions are tailored to meet your personal needs, and to help you manage and overcome stressful life situations and upheavals in a relaxed and comfortable way.

Transform Your Life: Writing To Heal Course 

This six-week writing to heal is suitable for those who want to let go of the past and access their inner healing wisdom to guide them in recreating their lives.

It is designed to help you manage stressful life events and upheavals through a powerful and dynamic blend of different writing modes including Expressive writing.

The act of writing triggers inner healing resources that can help you dissolve limiting blocks that are keeping you from living your desired life.

Deep Conscious Talks

More and more people are seeking for deeper meaning in their lives. Answers to the big questions in Life like, 'Who am I and why am I here?'

Many of us have tried everything, and nothing seems to heal our past wounds, or fill that gaping hole within us that seems unyielding.

If you find yourself in this situation, searching for meaning in your life, for liberation from the constraints of the demands of modern society, for the purpose of your life journey, get in touch and we can discuss how I can be your partner on your consciousness evolution journey.