Susan J. ​​Nassuna​-Inner Flow Guide

About Me

Writer/Writing For Wellness Coach/Certified Stress Management Consultant/Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher.

Hi! I'm Susan,

And I help people make peace with the past, and learn how to mindfully manage stressful life events and upheavals through the transformative powers of Writing, Meditation, and Soul-Based Guidance.

I'm a Ugandan-Dutch writer, writing for wellness coach, certified stress management consultant, and certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, who works with people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

The combination of my deep consciousness insight, personal experience, and innate passion and compassion has helped countless people heal traumas, overcome personal challenges, and rewrite their life stories.

And my heartfelt intention is to help you rewrite yours too!

If you've been knocked off center by stressful life challenges and are looking for holistic ways to re-balance and heal your life, read on to learn how I can help you see through and overcome your obstacles.