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Susan J. Nassuna

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Susan J. Nassuna Writer


I'm Susan, a Ugandan born writer, writing for wellness facilitator, and certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, living in the Netherlands where I'm a citizen. 

I'm an ardent reader and dedicated yoga practitioner, who's greatly fascinated with the power that words have to transform lives. That's why I do, what I do---help people course-correct their life narratives through the power of positive expression and awareness.

Through my courses, workshops, and retreats, I offer a safe, supportive environment where people come to let go of the past, share their stories, learn new stress-management techniques, and renew their life visions and goals.

I studied English Literature and History at Makerere university in Kampala. And my experiential discovery of the healing power of

writing, happened during my creative writing studies at the Writers Studio in Amsterdam. At the time, I was battling chronic pain caused by a car accident, but began noticing reduced feelings of pain during and after my regular writing practice.

That positive experience, is what led me to years of devoted study and research in the field of writing and wellness.

Later, I began to work throughout the Netherlands with individuals and small groups, sharing my gained insights and acquired knowledge of the physical and psychological benefits of Emotional writing - or what is often described in research studies as Expressive writing.

Besides my coaching work, I write for highly respected online platforms such as; Thrive Global, FinerMinds, 50-Word Stories and more. My work has also been featured in Perdu's 30x30 Poets Marathon, and Verso - Amsterdam's live literary journal.

If you're curious about using creativity and awareness to help you heal past trauma, manage stressful live events, or want to wake up and live a conscious and connected life, let's connect and see how we can work together.