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Susan J. Nassuna

Explore The Healing Power Of Writing & Mindfulness With An Experienced Coach

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When we experience traumatic life events such as illness, divorce, family conflicts, financial ruin, or the loss of a loved one we tell ourselves stories to survive. Unfortunately, the stories our minds create often cast us in the victim's role, making us helpless bystanders in the events unfolding in our lives. 

Then, we get stuck in the stories and are held hostage by myriads of draining emotions like fear, sadness, anger, shame and guilt. 

This painful state of being can lead to a lifelong detachment from our authentic nature, making it difficult for us to experience love,  happiness and an overall sense of life satisfaction.

I work with people who find themselves stuck in this situation, and help them to discover new ways to manage and overcome the negative stories generated by their minds.

Inspiring a change in their life narrative and perception, that helps them to recreate their life story and become the hero rather than the victim of their life experiences.

So, if you're feeling stuck and overwhelmed, or simply want to wake up and start living a conscious and connected life, you've come to the right place. I'm a writer and an experienced trainer in the fields of writing for wellness, meditation, and stress management. 

And I can help you cultivate your innate power to break through limiting blocks and ease symptoms of stress and anxiety through a dynamic blend of key stress-management techniques such as, Expressive writing, Poetry therapy, and the cultivation of life-enhancing practices such as, Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Compassion.  

My work is based on recognized areas of practice in the stress management field, and science-backed meditation and writing research and practice.

Let's Work Together

If you're curious about using creativity and awareness to help you manage stressful life events and upheavals, or if you just want to wake up and live a conscious and connected life, contact me to discuss how we can work together. I offer consultations in person as well as via phone and online platforms Skype and Zoom for people across the Netherlands and all around the world. 

No writing or meditation experience is necessary to work with me. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to journey inward.

Don't suffer in silence, there're proven ways out of the darkness! 

Discover the many healing, wellness and personal growth benefits of expressive writing and mindfulness

Discover a better way of living, by learning how to pay attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.

Relax & Restore your Mind-Body-Spirit in some of the world's most stunning destinations.